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Green Valley Publishing was a provider of low-cost computer software in the mid-1980s for the Apple II, Atari, and Commodore computer systems, and published titles using the Load'N'Go! Software and One-Step Software labels.

Under its Load'N'Go! Software label, Green Valley published in 1985 an unauthorized commercial version of Eamon known as The Adventure (also titled The Adventure: Only the Fittest Shall Survive). The game and its three adventures were essentially the same as Brown's Eamon with only superficial changes applied and with all references to the original creators removed.

Green Valley published several other text adventure games in and around 1985, most for the Commodore: Medieval Adventure and Stoneville Manor (grouped as Adventure Master) and African Adventure, Pirate Adventure, and King Tut's Tomb Adventure (grouped as Bits, Pieces and Clues). The company also published a variety of other software titles in the categories of entertainment, home management/productivity, and education.


Green Valley Publishing was the software division of ShareData, which also manufactured and sold modems; both operated from offices on Shady Oak Road in the Minneapolis suburb of Eden Prairie. ShareData's president was H. John Zentz.

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