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Coordinates: 43°38′58″N 79°23′23″W / 43.64955°N 79.38965°W / 43.64955; -79.38965

SoftKey was a software development and publishing company founded in 1986 by Canadian businessman Kevin O'Leary. SoftKey focused on educational software and in the mid-1990s acquired numerous competitors in the educational software space including The Learning Company in 1995; SoftKey operated under this name until its acquisition in 1999 by Mattel.

In 1990 SoftKey published a set of pre-printed Eamon diskette labels which Tom Zuchowski announced in the club newsletter. In 1992, SoftKey employee Jeff Hurlburt discovered Roger Osgood's adventure The City of Sorcerers and shared it with the Eamon Adventurer's Guild.

SoftKey's headquarters were at 260 Richmond Street West in Toronto, Ontario.

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