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The website's front page in June 2012.

Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online is an Eamon website administered by Matthew Clark that serves both as an online repository for the resources of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild and as a source of information about the Eamon community.

Launched 1 April 2003 at earthlink.net, the site moved on 22 November 2003 to its present location at eamonag.org where it is hosted by the Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange.

Associated projects

EAG Online Blog

On 15 June 2004 Clark launched an accompanying blog at blogspot.com for sharing Eamon-related news and comments, leaving the main site largely for archives and game resources. The blog was most active from 2011 to 2013, with 46 posts in 2012 alone, but in recent years has seen only occasional updates. As of early 2020 the blog had 105 posts and 27 followers.

EAG Facebook Group

The Eamon Adventurer' Guild Online Facebook group (@EamonGuild) began on 3 April 2011 and as of early 2020 had about 100 posts, the majority of them cross-posts of items added to the blog. Artist Raquel Johnson created the group's banner artwork which was added in June 2012. The group has around 170 followers.


An MSN Groups forum for the club began on 5 March 2003 and attracted about 30 messages across 15 threads by Clark, Fredrik Ekman, Robert Parker, and others before going defunct in late 2007; MSN Groups itself shut down in February 2009. The original site is no longer online, but snapshots are accessible through the Internet Archive.

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