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The Eamon Deluxe notes and reviews for adventure set #23, The Lost Treasures of Eamon.


Eamon Deluxe 5.0 files EDX\C\EAMONDX\E023\EDX023RV.TXT and INTRO.BAS


June 2012


Frank Black


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The Lost Treasures of Eamon

No reviews have been written for this adventure collection yet.

The Ice Cave

Reviewed by Frank Black
Playing time: 10-15 minutes
Overall rating: 3.0   Difficulty Rating: 1

From the intro: "A challenge if ever there was one!"

[Chuckling] That is quite the understatement actually. This is in fact a very simple beginner-level adventure even for the loose standards of the early time period of Classic Eamon in which it was written, with the biggest of the few specials for this adventure being a hackneyed "find your missing lover" quest that is powered by routines lifted straight out of Lair of the Minotaur and The Abductor's Quarters.

The only mildly challenging puzzle in the game is one you face at the very start and involves you being locked out of your house. Once you find your keys, which are a step away from being left out in plain sight, you can pass through your unremarkable cabin, into your back yard and onward toward the Ice Cave. (Although why you can only enter your sprawling backyard from the house is never explained.) Just past your yard you stumble upon the life-companion-kidnapping old witch from the intro who is supposedly your mortal enemy (also never explained) and whom I dispatched easily with a couple swings of an average Marcos sword.

Yes, the "end boss" for this adventure is a total wimp and you dispose of her before you even get to the Ice Cave. And speaking of the adventure title bearing caverns, you would think that it would be hidden or require some sort of effort for entry, but no, apparently: "A huge gate that once would have blocked your way lies in disrepair." Sheesh.

All in all you are looking at 41 rooms, one locked door, one secret passage, a handful of minor specials and 6 monsters (not counting your pal and their gender twin dummies).

Ice Cave has been labeled as being written by "Anonymous" around the internet but Thomas and I each sifted through the compiled executable code (as far as I know, no BASIC source code exists anywhere for this one), and we both found text strings indicating it was written by Jon Walker so, unless someone else comes forth to claim this relic, I'm going to assume that he is indeed the author.

This gets its place in the Eamon Deluxe Museum with a "Lost Treasure" status because it was an original Walker-PC-Eamon-only adventure that was designed for that little known, sub-par Eamon port from the '80s and is actually somewhat rare and unknown. Have no delusions though, the adventure material in and of itself is far from a treasure. Thomas did an excellent job cleaning it up and fixed a lot of bad room connections along with other minor surgeries to make it playable, and I did a second sweep of enhancements afterwards to bring it up to par as a very low grade Eamon Deluxe adventure. Were I currently reviewing The Ice Cave in its original format, I would have rated it even lower than I did. All in all, it's not the worst adventure ever written but it is pretty far from the best as well. Recommended for beginners or those seeking a minor distraction, and for the experienced Eamon Adventurer it's worth checking out at least once for the sake of nostalgia as it does hold an obscure place in the very early days of Eamon.

Cronum's Castle

It was great!

Lord of the Underland

It was great!

The Adventurer's General Store

It was great!

Tenement of the Damned

It was great!

Beneath Mount Imagery

It was great!

The Sub-Aquan Laboratory

It was great!

The Crypt Crasher & the Tomb of Horrors

It was great!


It was great!