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Not to be confused with Best of the Classic Adventures.

The Best of Eamon is a small collection of Eamon adventures assembled around September 1991 by EAG president Tom Zuchowski and distributed by GEnie as a single software package. The collection was one of two that Zuchowski created as an Eamon promotion for GEnie; in introducing them, he wrote, "we thought that it was about time that we put together a couple of collections to demonstrate where Eamon is at these days." (The other collection is the Eamon Starter Kit.)


The collection includes Rick Volberding's Graphics Main Hall and four complete adventures:

Orb of My Life also appears as one of seven adventures in GEnie's second collection, the Eamon Starter Kit. Zuchowski introduced the collection in an October 1991 post to the GEnie A2 forum and offered the following summary of the set:

The Graphics Main Hall is widely considered to be vastly superior to the basic Main Hall that is included in the other file, but it lacks the manuals and utilities that the newcomer to Eamon will find valuable. This Main Hall uses hi-res "overhead view" graphics to illustrate the player's wandering through a dozen different shops in the Hall and adjoining village.

These are four of the 6 highest-rated Eamon adventures, according to the ratings poll conducted by the Eamon Adventurer's Guild. They were selected for diversity and because they fit well on an 800K disk <grin>. These are the ones that will show you what an Eamon can do. All have superior player interfaces, complex plots, and difficult quests. Storm Breaker and Kretons in particular are very impressive. All four also rate very high on the EAG difficulty scale; these are for adventure junkies!

The Best of Eamon is #16728 in the GEnie catalog and has the filename BEST.EAMONS.BXY. The collection also appears in other online repositories, sometimes as a BinSCII binary archive with the filename EAMON.BEST.BSQ and with Ruby's Operation Endgame replacing Storm Breaker.


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