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The Eamon Starter Kit is a collection of Eamon adventures assembled around September 1991 by EAG president Tom Zuchowski and distributed by GEnie as a single software package. The set was one of two (with The Best of Eamon) that Zuchowski created as an Eamon promotion for GEnie; in introducing them, he wrote, "we thought that it was about time that we put together a couple of collections to demonstrate where Eamon is at these days."


The collection includes the Main Hall and seven complete adventures:

Also included in the collection are pieces of documentation including "An Introduction to the Eamon Starter Kit" written by GEnie's Apple II file librarian Dean Esmay.

Zuchowski introduced the collection in an October 1991 post to the GEnie A2 forum, saying it was made "for people who don't know anything about Eamon and need to start out on the ground floor." He offered the following summary of the adventures:

Now, none of these adventures are actually state of the art in Eamon (although #124 comes close). They were chosen because they are solid, above-average, medium-difficulty adventures that also have above-average player interfaces. The emphasis is on playability. The adventures are organized somewhat in order of difficulty so that the player can work his way up to more difficulty.

Eamon Starter Kit is #16750 in the GEnie catalog and has the filename STARTER.KIT.BXY.


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