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Instruction for Super Eamon, included on the system's master diskette.


Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online




Paul Van Bloem / Little Green Software


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"The man hands you a booklet entitled, Super Eamon: Instructions.
You accept the booklet from the man, and begin to read..."

Welcome to Super-Eamon.

The World of Eamon

In the world of Eamon, you can wander around the Main Hall, equipping yourself for adventures out in the far reaches of the imagination. You can buy items at various shops which will increase your chances of surviving what the monsters dish out.

To help you get started, the Guild Hall provides a "Beginner's Cave". Here you may strive for experience and gold against less mighty monsters. Let us all toast the Guild Master for restocking the cave daily!

With more money, you can buy better arms and take on more difficult quests.


You will want to buy a weapon at the weapons shop. As a novice, you are better with some weapons than others.

The five classes of weapons (and your current abilities with each) are...

Axe Very low
Bow Very very low
Club Low
Spear Very low
Sword Very low

Every time you score a hit in battle, your ability with the weapon you are using may increase. The more you use a weapon, the better you will be with it. Practice makes perfect.


You can wear 1 or the 3 armor types, and also may carry a shield. These protections will absorb some of the hits made against you, but they make it harder for you to hit the monsters!

The protections are--

Armor type Hits absorb Your hits
Skin (no armor) 0 -0%
Leather 1 -10%
Chain 2 -20%
Plate 5 -60%
+ shield 1 -5%

As you fight monsters, you will get used to fighting in armor, and eventually you won't notice you're wearing it!

Fighting monsters

When you are on adventures, you will have to fight many fierce monsters.

In Eamon adventures, battles are done on a blow-by-blow basis. You, and each monster or friend, will aim one blow at one enemy.

Each blow will either miss, bounce off armor, or hit. A hit will weaken the person who was hit.

If you are hit, you will not know exactly how much damage you took; you will be told something like "you don't feel very good", or that "you are at death's door".

Hardiness & agility

Your hardiness (18) determines how much damage you can take in a battle before dying. It also sets how much treasure, etc. you can carry around with you.

Agility (yours is 17) deals with your fighting ability. The more agile you are, the more likely you are to hit a monster. Agility can make up for your heavy armor (while you are still getting used to it), or for an unfamiliar weapon.


Your charisma (17) affects how citizens of Eamon react to you.

In the Main Hall, you will get better prices from the merchants if you impress them favorably; i.e., if your charisma is high.

Similarly, when you are on an adventure, a high charisma makes it more likely that a monster will not attack you, but rather will be your friend. Some monsters are immune to any charms, of course.


You start off with a loan of 200 gold pieces from the bank. You will want to spend this money on supplies for your first adventure. You will get better prices for items if your charisma is high.

Once you pay off your loan (plus any interest) and begin to accumulate wealth, you may want to put some of your gold into the bank, where it cannot be stolen. However, it is a good idea to carry some gold with you on adventures for use in bribing monsters, and for ransom.

Magic spells

The world of Eamon is a magical one. Many adventures will have their own magical characteristics, but there are four spells which are useful in almost every adventure.

Power Call upon the gods to help you
Heal Heal some of your wounds
Blast Throw lightning at an enemy
Speed Speed up your reflexes

You can learn these spells from any magician willing to teach you, but you will have to practice a spell before you can be sure of casting it when you need it. (Spells are like weapons in this respect.)