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This is a Class B (silver star) article.

Audio content in Eamon and other related projects is rare, but some authors and developers have occasionally added sound to their work. Listed below are instances of music, sound effects, and other audio content.


SwordThrust by Donald Brown
CE Software's SwordThrust plays a simple theme to accompany the game's splash screen.
Imagery! by Dr. Evil Laboratories
Roy Riggs transcribed this piece of classical music for use as the theme to his Imagery! adventure system.
The Mountain of the Master by Michael Dalton
A brief musical passage plays during the adventure's introduction.
The Tomb of Molinar by Donald Brown
The four-note musical intro from Dragnet plays when the adventurer catches the dragon in a net

Sound effects

The Beermeister's Brewery by Jeff Actor
A file named MUSICAL KEYS plays a series of random beeps after the introduction.
Audio Description
Random beeps
The Caves of Treasure Island by Paul Braun and Geoffrey Genz
The adventure has a sound effect for when the magic flute is played.
Audio Description
A flute playing quick slides of notes up and down
The Death Star by Donald Brown
Brown added simple sound effects to accompany the use of lightsabers, blasters, and spaceships.
Audio Description
Blaster sound effect
Lightsaber sound effect
Take-off sound effect for the TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon


The Wizard of the Spheres by Marc Elkin
This adventure features 11 speech files that play at key points in the adventure.
Audio Description
"Adventurer, help me!"
"I have been imprisoned inside this sphere."
"The white sphere is guarding me. Destroy it!"
"You must help me find the wizard that put me here."
"Only when he is destroyed may I escape."
"I will carry you to the top. Hold on!"
"Thank you, adventurer. You have rescued me from the wizard!"
"You have made it this far, adventurer, but you shall not leave here alive!"
"You cannot destroy me, adventurer!"
"You have failed, adventurer! Ha ha ha!"
"You have destroyed my power!"