The Wayfarer's Inn

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The Wayfarer's Inn
Eamon adventure
The Wayfarer's Inn intro.png
Author Michael Penner
Native format C# (Eamon CS)

The Wayfarer's Inn is an adventure created by Michael Penner for his Eamon CS game system. As of August 2020 it appears in the Developer's Workbench section of Eamon CS as a halted work in progress, to be resumed after other higher priority projects.


The introductory text of the adventure reads:

The sinister Wayfarer's Inn sits abandoned and crumbling on the northern border of the hamlet of Geldhaven, in the deep forest just beyond Taiga Gorge. A syndicate of foreign investors has bought the property, sight unseen, and set about renovating it when things go awry. Now the artisans tasked with the work have disappeared, and you are hired by the town council to investigate and resolve the crisis, as well as obtain long-lost documentation about the Inn's previous owners. Can you survive an exploration of the region's most infamous landmark?


The hamlet of Geldhaven is also referenced in Penner's Vile Grimoire of Jaldi'al.