The Proving Grounds

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This is a Class B (silver star) article.
This article is about the lost adventure. For the training area, see Temple of the Guild of Free Adventurers.
The Proving Grounds
Eamon adventure
Author Michael Penner
Released December 1988
Native format Atari DOS

The Proving Grounds is a lost mini-adventure created by Michael Penner around late 1988 for Eamon 3.0, his Atari ST port of the Eamon system. Penner recalls only a few details about it:

As for PROVGRND.ARC I have only the vaguest recollection of working on something involving a haunted manor but otherwise am drawing a complete blank. I don't even know whether this adventure is "full length" — I suspect it might be a beginner cave type thing. And the haunted manor concept may have just been something I was playing around with but never turned into a module...

Penner states that the only place he uploaded The Proving Grounds (and his other Atari ARC files) was GEnie, but though Penner's files show up in archived file directories, the adventure itself has not yet been located and is currently considered lost.

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