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This is a Class A (gold star) article.
Orbs are often held by practitioners of magic. ("The Wizard" by Hekerui)

An orb or life-orb is a special spherical artifact that features in many different adventures, often as a macguffin central to a story's plot or quest. The frequency of orbs in Eamon adventures is due in part to an adventure design competition run by the NEUC in 1985 that asked participants to create an adventure with the following premise:

Things are not right with the Eamon world. The most timid of animals attack humans on-sight. The fields are ravaged one-by-one at night.

No one knows the cause of this strange disturbance, and only one man (you supply the name) can restore order. But _________ has had his life-orb stolen and is bed-ridden, losing strength day-by-day.

Your mission: Recover the Life-orb of _________, find the cause for the natural disasters and chaos, and either help _________ correct the problems or find a way to do it yourself.

Orbs feature prominently in the following adventures: