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Computist, originally known as Hardcore Computing, was an Apple II computer magazine published from 1981 to 1993 by Charles R. Haight and based in Eatonville, Washington. The magazine largely focused on techniques for removing copy protection from software through the use of "SoftKeys", pieces of code built to bypass the software's protection routines, but also published reviews including some by Jeff Hurlburt, creator of a revised Eamon master. Originally titled Hardcore Computing, it later became Hardcore Computist, then simply Computist; a sister publication called Core ran for only three issues.

The magazine republished the complete September 1989 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter in its issue 89, "to help publicize [Tom Zuchowski's] endeavors."

Source articles

Hardcore Computing

Article Issue Date Summary
"Adventure Tips" 2 1981 Tips for Oo-Topos and Ultima, and a short review of Eamon. Author Mike Flynn. (Full issue)
"Focus: Apple Avocation Alliance" 3 1982 The history and operation of public domain software distributor AAA. Author Charles Haight. (Full issue)


Article Issue Date Summary
"Eamon: Creating the Adventure" 3 1983


Article Issue Date Summary
"Eamon MCMXCII" 89 1992 A detailed history and description of Eamon by Jeff Hurlburt. (Full issue)

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