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The Eamon Set is a collection of Eamon software created by Tom Zuchowski in 1996 consisting of all the DOS 3.3 and 80-column ProDOS adventures then available archived onto 18 double-density 3.5-inch disks. Zuchowski introduced the set in the June 1996 issue of the EAG Newsletter as a special "limited time offer" available to EAG members and specified that buyers needed to provide the 18 disks; the price was $25 if the disks were unformatted or $20 if already formatted with ProDOS. The collection files were saved as ShrinkIt archives.

Zuchowski noted in the September issue that "several people" had taken advantage of the offer and that he was extending it to December 31. The club's annual financial report in March 1997 showed that sales of the Eamon Set brought in $175.00 (suggesting approximately 8 sets were sold), which Zuchowski said "will go into the general fund and will contribute to the usual membership extension that I use to soak up excess funds."

The set was superseded in 1999 by Zuchowski's Eamon CD, an updated and expanded collection of Eamon adventures, utilities, and other files saved on a compact disc.