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The EAG Eamon Adventure Contest was an adventure design competition created by Eamon Adventurer's Guild president Tom Zuchowski and announced in the June 1989 issue of the club newsletter. Zuchowski judged the submissions and announced the winners in the March 1990 issue.


As Zuchowski described in the newsletter:

Judging will be done by Tom Zuchowski and anyone he may select as consultant. The final decision will be made by Tom Zuchowski, and the selection of the winners will be based on rating, story, plot, special stuff, originality, author experience, continuity, and so on. The rating will not be the final determinant; the aim is to balance the contest so that beginners will have an equal chance with experienced authors. A well-done 5 from a beginner has a good chance to beat a 6 from an author who routinely gets 7's. Neatness counts; the fewer bugs and errors, the better you are likely to do.

Multiple entries are acceptable. However, only one entry from each author will be eligible for prizes or for membership extension. You need not designate your entry; we will automatically select your best one.

Additional prizes may be given out if an entry merits special mention but does not place in the top three.

Deadline: All entries must be submitted by October 31, 1989 so we can announce the winners in the December issue. An extension to this deadline will be considered if anyone needs it; we would rather have your Best Stuff than see you cut it short for lack of time.

Zuchowski extended the submission deadline to 31 January 1990.


In the March 1990 newsletter Zuchowski reported the results: five submissions, fewer than expected since three others that were expected did not appear in time. The winners were:

First place
Attack of the Kretons by Nathan Segerlind, described by Zuchowski as "a very funny adventure that shows the best work that Nathan has ever done." Segerlind was awarded $50.
Second place
Quest for Orion by Pat Gise, which bumped out the third place entry due to "well written descriptions and overall game quality from a first-time author." Gise received an Eamon Binder.
Third place
Encounter: The Bookworm by Robert Parker, which had "the most complex plot that Rob has done to date and was a pleasant play." Parker received three free Eamon adventures.

Other entries were The Body Revisited by Robert Parker and Batman!! by Andrew Geha (who received a free issue of the newsletter).