Ye Guyde to Adventure

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Ye Guyde to Adventure is a 20-page printed booklet about the Super Eamon game system written by Paul Van Bloem and published in 1985 by Little Green Software. The booklet was not sold separately but was included as part of the Super Eamon Starter Set (price $37).

A 1985 advertisement describes the booklet as "a short guide to the Eamon universe".


The Guyde is a 20-page, black-and-white printed, staple-bound booklet, about five-and-a-half inches square so as to fit nicely with the accompanying floppy diskettes. While almost entirely textual, the booklet's cover features four hand-drawn artwork panels showing various scenes of adventure.


The booklet begins with a brief introduction to Eamon and the difference between public domain and copyrighted material, and describes the Super Eamon Starter Set which the Guyde was made to accompany. It then walks the reader through the process of starting the game, setting up a character, and using the features of the Main Hall, followed by several pages of tips and instructions for playing adventures. It concludes with a glossary of Eamon terms.

In February 2020 a copy of the Starter Set was auctioned on eBay and sold to an unknown buyer, but the seller graciously photographed the manual's pages at Thomas Ferguson's request, allowing the contents of the manual to be shared and preserved.

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