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Eamon Pro Instructions, written by Ryan Page for his game Eamon Pro.


INSTRUCTIONS text file on the Eamon Pro 2 disk


c. 1989


Ryan Page


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During the first screen Eamon Pro checks to see whether or not your computer has 80 columns. It also identifies the DOS version on the disk as well as the computer that it is operating on (although it is incapable of determining if your computer has 128K and not 64K). The system then runs a DOS accelerator called SPEEDOS by EXECing (executing) a text file named SPEEDRIVE. This first program, named HELLO, then uses CHAIN to link itself with the next program, EAMON PRO MASTER DISK. This following program contains several options in two main menus as well as having several control-key operated commands.

The first menu offers the options of entering Eamon, assassinating a character, moving a character, going to the other menu, or viewing the names of the characters on the disk. You may also use control commands or <ESC> to exit.


Enter Eamon — this option RUNs the GO program and displays the Eamon dragon (in DBL Hi-Res/Hi-res) and then RUNs the WORLD OF EAMON program after waiting for a keypress. This program gives you a description of the Main Hall (different than the Eamon Main Hall description and featuring lower-case). From there you are asked if you wish to register at the desk "D" or wish to join the adventurers in the hall "A". It is recommended that you choose the first option. If you choose to register you will be asked for your character's name. If you do not have a character, simply enter in the name that you wish your character to be called by (twenty letters or less) and respond "Y" when asked if you are a new character.

Important — If you ever want to run your Eamon Pro disk on an Apple that doesn't have lower case do not use lower case characters in your character's name.

The system will then RUN NEW CHARACTERS where you will be given your attributes or ability scores (rated from 1 to 24) and may read the character instructions.

You will then see the Eamon Pro unicorn (in double high resolution) when the program PIC is run and then be taken to the MAIN HALL (SEE MAIN HALL).

Assassinate a character — by choosing this option you may opt to 'kill' a character so that it may not be used. This does not delete the character from the disk and the character may be RESURRECTED (SEE RESURRECT A CHARACTER). To exit press <RETURN> when asked to assassinate a character.

Move a character — this allows you to move a certain character with his abilities and weapons. If you are unsure of the character's name or you wish to exit, press <RETURN> when asked for a character name.

Other menu — This option takes you to the second main menu.

Names of characters — this allows you to view the names of all of the characters on an Eamon Pro Master Disk (either "dead" or "alive" characters).

<ESC> — quits to BASIC.

Second menu

Main menu — returns to the first menu.

Add a character — allows people who are familiar with Eamon or Eamon Pro to make a character while not having to go through the rest of the system. Use <RETURN> when asked for a character name to escape.

See names of characters — from here you may view the abilities and equipment of a character. Use <RETURN> to escape. If you are uncertain of the character's name choose the NAMES OF CHARACTERS option.

Tour instructions — allows you to read this manual and return to the main menu.

Eend — this option exits to BASIC, as with the <ESC> option from the first menu of this program.

Resurrect a character — allows you to revive a "dead" character, but not an erased one. To escape press <RETURN> when asked for the name of the character that you wish to resurrect.

+ FAST RUN — enters the WORLD OF EAMON while skipping the pictures.

Control commands

<?> See control command listing.

<A> Alter frequent adventurer settings. This changes the character that is set into the file named INFO to another character.

<B> Begin frequent adventurer adventure. Allows the character stored as the frequent adventurer to go directly to an adventure.

<D> Set date. Updates the last date entered. Use any non-number key to exit entry.

<G> Activate frequent adventurer sequence. This option takes your character directly to the Main Hall (SEE MAIN HALL).

<L> See Eamon disk name. This allows you to view an Eamon or Eamon Pro adventure name while not having to go on the adventure.

<P> Convert Eamon character to Eamon Pro. This converts a character from the Eamon master disk to the Eamon Pro format and saves it to the Eamon Pro disk.

<V> View disk catalog. CATALOGs the current disk drive (1 or 2).

Main Hall

the Main Hall has six options, all of which excluding E and F may be exited from. If you accidentally choose option E you'll just have to watch your character's statistics and weapons in order to return to the Main Hall. If you choose option F by mistake you may return to the Main Hall by typing RUN and pressing <RETURN> when you are given the ] prompt. The menu in the Main Hall is an arrow selection menu, but you may use letters or numbers if you wish.

Main Hall options

A. Go on an adventure — this option allows you to go on any Eamon or Eamon Pro adventure via a program called DRIVE. Eamon Pro allows the use of dual drives (in slot 6) with either adventure type, providing the Master Disk is in drive 1, and can automatically differentiate an Eamon adventure from an Eamon Pro adventure. If you are going on an Eamon adventure you will be asked to deposit all but 4 of your weapons (the Eamon weapon limit) in order to go on that adventure. These will be returned when you come back from the adventure.

Most adventures will give you an introduction screen to get you going from there on in. If you wish to use a spell in Eamon you will be limited to the four spells that Eamon offers (listed under first level spells in Eamon Pro) but you will not be limited to the number of spells cast per level as in Eamon Pro.

The Eamon Pro spells are as follows:

first level   second level
Blast Energy Beam
Heal Cure
Speed Leave
Power Fear

The number of spells you may cast is based on your level (level = experience/1000). For each level you will gain one spell, alternating between the first and second level spells.

Blast — does 1 to 6 points of damage to an opponent.
Heal — heals 1 to 6 points of damage that your character has taken.
Speed — temporarily doubles your agility.
Power — does something strange.
Energy Beam — does 1 to 12 points of damage to an opponent.
Cure — heals 1 to 12 points of damage that your character has taken.
Leave — randomly teleports your character to another room.
Fear — lowers the enemy's confidence.

B. Visit the weapons shop for weapons and/or armour - from here you may buy equipment as well as sell your old weapons and trade in old armour for new armour.

Buy a weapon — if you have under the 9 weapon limit you may buy a weapon. If you have nine weapons and attempt to buy a weapon, you will be taken to the "sell a weapon" section. When buying a weapon, merely select the weapon of your choice from among the 20 weapons offered. The cost for that weapon in three degrees of quality will be displayed and you may choose to buy a weapon or exit. The good quality weapons do the most damage while the poor ones do the least.

All weapons sold by Marcos are normal and are not magically enhanced. To obtain better weapons you may go to the Adventurer's General Store on the back side by choosing to go on an adventure and inserting the back side of the Master Disk when asked to insert the adventure disk. While the weapons offered there are better, they are exorbitantly priced.

>>>Note — You may also obtain customized weapons while adventuring.

Sell a weapon — this option allows you to sell a weapon that is in your possession that you no longer wish to keep. Follow the instructions given in this section.

Get better armour — this allows you to upgrade your character's armour from what you had possessed before. You may also buy a better shield. If you choose to downgrade your armour you will be get gold pieces back from Marcos.

Armour types:

Skin no armour.
Leather armour made up of leather pieces fastened together.
Chain armour made up of interwoven iron links.
Plate armour made of metal plates fastened together with iron links.
Mithril an enchanted type of plate armour.

Shields — shields offer additional protection to that of the armour. The small shield offers the least additional protection, while the large shield offers the best.

>>>Note — You may also obtain custom armour and/or shields while adventuring.

C. Find the banker to deposit or withdrawl gold — you may use the bank to store any excess money that you may have but it is a good idea to keep some money on you just in case. If you wish to buy weapons or armour it is essential that you have some gold in hand.

D. Become a magical creature — this option allows characters of tenth level or greater to become a dragon, unicorn, vampire, or a werewolf. If you are not yet of this level you will be sent back to the Main Hall. If you are already a magical creature nothing interesting will happen. These magical races have certain magical abilities and bonuses which are as follows:

Dragon — your hardiness multiplies by three and you may use blast and fear spells as often as you like in an adventure.
Unicorn — your hardiness multiplies by two, your charisma and agility scores are raised by 50% and you may use the energy beam spell as often as you wish to.
Vampire — your hardiness multiplies by three, your agility score doubles, and you may use the fear spell as often as you like. But being a vampire is not as easy as it looks because your charisma score drops by 50%.
Werewolf — your hardiness score and agility scores are both doubled and you take no penalties.

Important notice —
A. You may be changed into other creatures while adventuring.
B. Each creature may have special abilities in certain adventures.

E. Examine your abilities — allows you to view your character's abilities and equipment.

F. Temporarily leave the universe — exits Eamon Pro and saves your updated character to the disk.


For the programmer's personal notes, please see the BASIC program named NOTES on the Eamon Pro Key Disk. Modifications to the system may invalidate some of the instructions that have been given, but for the most part they are correct.

Please send suggestions or improvement ideas for Eamon Pro to:

Ryan Page
28 Maple Court S.
Independence, OR.

This address is valid until 6/10/90.