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The monster template is the standard infobox used for all articles about fictional beings. Please note that in Eamon the term "monster" applies to any being, good or bad, so this template may be used for any fictional creature or person.

For articles on real people, please use the person template.


The parameters below are listed in the order displayed by the infobox. It's fine to leave parameters empty, or leave them out entirely; the template will show only what's provided.


In the few cases where an image of the monster is available, this parameter is the filename of the image. It will appear at the top of the infobox, automatically sized to a width of 250 pixels.


If an image is present, the text in this field will be shown beneath it as a caption.


These are other names or titles by which the monster is known.


This is the broad physical class into which the monster falls, and can be considered the equivalent of a taxon. (Or you can think of it as the monster's "species".) Some common examples:

  • Human
  • Troll
  • Elf
  • Giant
  • Mimic


If the monster has a particular occupation or is known for a certain kind of work, it can be listed here.


This is the organization, group, party, leader, etc. to which the monster is connected – for example, the Guild of Free Adventurers.


This field is for listing the adventures or other fictional works in which the monster appears. If the monster appears in multiple works, separate them with a break like so: <br />. Don't include a work if the monster is only mentioned there and plays no part. (Remember to italicize adventure titles.)


If the monster has any known relatives, list them here. The form Name (relationship) is preferred, as in Pokas Tokas (brother). If there are multiple relatives, separate them with a line break: <br />.


|image       = Shylock McFenney portrait.png
|caption     = A portrait of the banker by John Doe
|aka         = 
|class       = Human
|occupation  = Banker
|affiliation = [[Guild of Free Adventurers]]
|appearances = [[Main Hall]]<br />''[[Vaalpa's Plight]]''
|relatives   = 

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