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The person template is the standard infobox used for all articles about real people. Wiki:Articles describes the kinds of personal information it's appropriate to include.

For articles on fictional people or creatures, please use the monster template.


The parameters below are listed in the order displayed by the infobox. It's fine to leave parameters empty, or leave them out entirely; the template will show only what's provided.


This is the filename of an image that will appear at the top of the infobox, normally a photo of the person. The template automatically sizes the image to a width of 250 pixels.


If an image is present, the text in this field will be shown beneath it as a caption.

Full name

This is the proper name of the person, normally including a middle initial where known.


This is the accomplishment or contribution that the person is best known for in regards to Eamon, and should be kept very brief and generic. Some preferred examples:

  • Adventure author
  • System developer
  • Newsletter contributor
  • Webmaster

If there are multiple points of notability, separate them with a line break: <br />.


This is the person's general location – in the U.S., commonly the state. A person's city and state may be used if he has already voluntarily made it public elsewhere, as in a newsletter, adventure documentation, etc. In the interests of privacy, do not include the full address of living persons.


This is the person's primary professional occupation.


For living individuals, this is the year the person was born; in the interests of privacy, please include only the year and not the full date. For deceased individuals, this can be either the year or the full date of their birth.


For deceased individuals, this can be either the year or the full date of their death.

The template accepts dates in various formats, e.g. 15 March 1984, 4/15/1984, March 1984, c. 1984, 1983-1984, 1980s, etc. If the template detects a four-digit year anywhere in the date, it will automatically link it to the appropriate section of the timeline.

The following date format is preferred: 15 March 1984.


If the individual has a personal website, this field should include a link to that site.


|image      = Jack Smith.png
|caption    = Smith at a 1984 game convention
|full_name  = John Q. Smith
|notability = Adventure author
|location   = Iowa
|occupation = Programmer
|born       = 1950
|website    = [http://www.jacksmith.com/ jacksmith.com]

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