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Hints for the adventure game Ula Tor.



27 July 1990, revised 1 January 1998


Ragnar Fyri


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Reading this file may give away more about the game that you care to know, so do not read any further until you have either completed the game or given up altogether (or if you just don't care)!

Well, you chose to ignore the warning! Just to show you I'm serious, let us start with the complete solution for the game.

  • Move north twice and climb the tree (If you don't want to type CLIMB TREE, U for UP also works).
  • Try to take the nest. Climb down. Feel free to ignore the lapwing, but if it annoys you just try to take it (Not necessary to solve the game).
  • Pick up the feathers. The key and the quirin stone belong to a sidetrack and are not necessary to complete your quest.
  • Go south and pick up the rocks. (The reason I didn't tell you to do that the first time you passed them is that it saves a few keystrokes to just press Return to repeat the first movement order.)
  • Go west to the castle. Ignore the mynah (Its only purpose is to warn you about a couple of things when you're carrying it, and if you follow these instructions you won't need the warnings) and continue west (press Return to repeat the movement).
  • Go south to the stairwell. The next two things you must do can be done in any order you want.
  • First (or second), go down and take the chains.
  • Second (or first), go up and take the rug.
  • Back on the ground floor, go west, chain the hobbit and take the map.
  • Leave the castle and keep going east until you are lost in the forest.
  • Read the map.
  • Go south and take the lamp.
  • Go north twice, throw the rocks and light the lamp.
  • Enter the window and go up.
  • Tickle the dragon and enter the temple.
  • Take the dauphin and fly (with the rug).
  • Go down from the tower and keep going north until you meet the queen.
  • Caress yon Rodent for bonus points and decide if you want to play again.
  • That's all, folks!

Other things you can do on the way include the following, which are divided into three sections: Things you can do on the way that have no effect on your chance to win things that make it impossible to win, and things that kill you! (Well, your character at least!)

Things to do on the way to victory

I'll start with a few orders that don't do anything, but give responses that may be amusing:

  • SAY anything else.
  • (CENSORED) someone.
  • ATTACK, KILL, DRINK or EAT someone/thing. (NOTE: KILL can be fatal. See part 3 for victims to avoid.)
  • FIND something.
  • And, of course, press F10.

An order that does work all the time (except in the dark tunnel, where LOOK or EXAMINE don't work either) is INVENTORY, but try to do it several times with empty hands (You can do this by pressing F4 or 1 several times at the start).

  • Enter the throne room and the stable as follows:
    • With the mynah & without the quirin stone.
    • With the quirin stone, never mind the mynah.
    • With neither of the two.
      (In the stable, pay attention to the room description!)
  • While you've got the mynah anyway, try to bring it to the tunnel, to the room the hobbit is in and to the dauphin (For the last hint you must leave the mynah outside the tunnel while breaking the window and lighting the lamp. Of course you can also put it in the bag of holding...).
  • And while we're talking about the hobbit, bring him along after chaining him (Put him in the bag if you don't want to rechain him every ten moves), and when you get to the mountain top wait for him to free himself, take the chains and try to put them on the dragon.
  • Did I mention a bag of holding? It's in the stable, and you put things into it by entering the bag (either OPEN or ENTER/GO it) and dropping things before leaving the bag again (remember to chain the hobbit before you bag him!).
  • There are two objects which aren't listed when you enter the room they're in, but you can still examine them and try to take them. They are the ghost horse in the stable and the table (that the crystal ball is standing on) in the court magican's study. And if you get fed up with the lapwing following you around everywhere outdoors, just try to take it! [Didn't I just say that? Well, it bears repeating! :-)]
  • The court magician's study? It's entered through a secret door in the throne room. You need the quirin stone to see it and the key to open it. Important: You can only go there once.
  • While in the study, try to examine the crystal ball and say the name of a place.
  • Another place you can only go once is the nursery — as soon as you've been through the tesseract room once, all the doors are changed and you can never go to the nursery again. This means that if you're playing to win you must not enter the tesseract room (north of the throne room) until you've got the dauphin.
  • Climb a tree out in the forest, and anywhere else except under the oak.
  • Listen for sounds in the library.
  • Listen to the dragon before and after you tickle him, and to the dauphin after time has exceeded 200 and 400 units. [Actually there's a lot of things to listen to, this file was written before a lot of other things...]
  • While we're on the subject of time, try to finish the quest in less than 240 (following the instructions above will do this), less than 250, less than 500 and more than 500.
  • Go to sleep near the hobbit (after chaining him!).
  • Keep asking for help even when you don't need it; it doesn't take extra time and some of the responses can be amusing.
  • Send me $100 (just kidding!).
  • Tickle the hobbit.

Things to do that spoil your chances to win

These experiments are not fatal in themselves, but the locations involved can only be entered through the tesseract room, which changes the doors so the nursery becomes inaccessible. [This wasn't really planned, the nursery entrance just happened to be exit 1.]

  • Read the book in the bag and do what it suggests in the "room full of bugs".
  • Listen for sounds in the nursery, or go to sleep there.
  • Listen for sounds in the bug room.

Things to do which kill you or end the game some other way

  • Throw the dauphin.
  • Sleep in the tree, in the study or in the dark tunnel.
  • Sleep near the hobbit before chaining him (or after he frees himself), near the lamp after it's lit, or near the dragon before you tickle it.

That's all, folks!

Asker, 27/7 1990 [Revised 1/1 1998]


Ragnar Fyri
Idunns vei 15
1370 Asker, Norway