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Author's notes for the Eamon adventure Redemption.


Original game disk


May 1993


Sam Ruby, published by Softdisk


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Author's notes

This adventure can be mapped using a grid system, provided that you map the wilderness separately from the towns. The map is so simple, however, that you should consider mapping optional.

This is not as challenging an adventure as someone might expect of me, but it does require that you pay attention to what people say to you. There is no single "right" way to complete the adventure, although you will of course have to so some things before others. Feel free to pursue whatever element of the plot interests you at a particular time.

Some notes on commands:

GIVE — to give money, just enter a number (the amount you wish to give).

LOOK summons the full room description. If directions are listed in the short description, then those are the only directions you can go from there.

EXAMINE recalls an artifact's description. It also identifies artifacts that are "embedded" in the room description which you might normally ignore.

There is one embedded artifact. It isn't a trivial item, so don't worry about examining every little thing. There is also an item that appears normally but must be examined.

HEAL — the chance of success decreases the more times you use it. Eventually your power will give out and you'll have to find other sources of healing.

One more hint: there is a "secret" exit in one room that is only mentioned in one of the monster descriptions — so don't ignore them!

Enjoy the adventure!

— Sam Ruby, 1718 41st Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94122.