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Author's notes and hints for Eamon adventure #170, Ragnarok Revisited.


The BASIC files "INTRO PGM" and "HINTS" from the original game disk


June 1989


Nathan Segerlind


The use of this item is permitted on the grounds that it's free or in the public domain.

Author's notes


Welcome to my second adventure based on Mark E. Roger's The Adventures of Samurai Cat! The adventure is very heavily based on the book, and thus some parts may seem like a real simple "go with the flow" adventure. This is not true.

Like my other Samurai Cat adventure, this one has added emphasis on combat. In this one much of your time is spent battling the three "main baddies". These three are all normally "invincible". Each one's defeat is in the manner of a small "tactical" puzzle. For example: nobody can defeat a 300' giant (no "nukes") but suppose you tricked it into stepping on a landmine? These puzzles aren't too hard, and a few scant clues are included throughout. Pay close attention! Since they involve combat, the puzzles are often quite unforgiving.

Other than that, pay close attention to the extra-commands section, as some are necessary for survival. There's also a hints file for you real losers.

These are the extra commands, know them for they shall save your life:

  • Use: Self-explanatory.
  • Deflect: Deflects all attacks in the next round, but you may not attack in the same round. Requires a sword.
  • Scarlet-tapeworm: If a hit, chops the target's weapon. i.e: severs a spider's fangs. Requires a sword.
  • Propellor-blow: Doubles damage, but cuts chances to hit in half. Requires a sword in the ready.
  • Wait: Self-explanatory.

On the ways of Samurai: In this game you play the part of a samurai whose lord was murdered. A few puzzles require you behave in the way of one.

  1. Samurai are very honorable, and are known to die for their honor. No true Samurai would lie, steal, or go back on a promise.
  2. Samurai live to fight and never do anything that would harm their fighting ability.
  3. A Samurai never attacks innocents.

There was a question involving getting objects, as Samurai don't steal. That is not handled here, so you can take almost everything; just be sure not to break a different rule in the process. This isn't true bushido, but it holds up pretty well. Hopefully this helps you with some things in the game.



Welcome to the hints! This is for you people who for some reason, cannot figure out my relatively simple game. Obviously, you should use your own logic to solve the puzzles, thus the clues will be in chronological and difficulty order. To go on to the next hint, press "C". To stop, press anything else.

  • Somebody should know where the brothers are, if you accept their terms.
  • You can't dodge it, and can't survive it, what does that leave?
  • That's right, either attack or deflect the lightning bolt.
  • What happens if you spend the night drinking?
  • You get a hangover, and that's bad news for a warrior.
  • You might remember a certain added command that would be very helpful.
  • Deflect all the stuff flying at you, unless you like being ventilated.
  • The boats are easy: Blast 'em with the missile launcher you found in Asgard.
  • Fenris swallow you? There may be room to do something in there besides be digested.
  • What's keeping you in the stomach?
  • Good idea if you attacked the stomach wall.
  • What did the old farmer say about the serpent?
  • What command would sever fangs?
  • Scarlet-tapeworm the serpent, it's that easy.
  • What's the most dangerous aspect of Surtur?
  • His fire, you dufus. Does that ring a bell?
  • Use the fire extinguisher on him.
  • Shiro is very important. I would advise that one treat him well.