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"Adventure Tips", a column by Mike Flynn published in Hardcore Computing #2.





Mike Flynn


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Adventure Tips
by Mike Flynn

How now? What's news with you?

I have received several requests for clues and maps, but have received only a few reader-contributed clues. Many thanks to those who sent me maps and notes.

At this time I wish to re-emphasize the basis upon which this column is built: user support. Without it, this column will cease to exist and I will be back on the bread line. So, to make a short story long, get those clues in the mail!! If you have only made a small degree of progress in a game. send in what you know so far. Remember: every clue helps.

Now, for some adventure tips! This quarter I will give some tips on Oo-Topos and Ultima:

Once you have gotten out of your cell (the "North" command should help out here), you should come upon an abandoned guard cell. Get the food and proceed East. This way you will have a laser at your disposal. Bear in mind that this adventure is like no other, so most of your regular tectics will not work.

I have had the best luck in the old days by being a thief. In fact, I managed to steal a phaser in medieval times! The only other real valid clue is: Get as much information out of the bartenders as you can. If buying a drink doesn't loosen his tongue, keep buying!!

This issue I will give a short review of a series of adventures known as Eamon.
Eamon is a very unique series of adventure games in that you start out with what is known as the "Eamon Master" diskette. With this diskette, you can build your character, buy any needed weapons, armor, etc. After having accomplished this. you can go on your first adventure!

In order to go on an adventure, you must have a separate game disk with one of the many Eamon adventures on it. However, on the master game disk is the simplest of all the Eamon games. This is the Beginner's Cave. It is recommended that you try this game out first in order to build your character's strengths so as to be better able to negotiate some of the harder games.

One of the nicest things about Eamon is the fact that the disks are not protected so you can make any modifications yourself. The author states in each of his game disks that he encourages non-commercial distribution. In other words, you can trade or give away Eamon disks to your heart's content.

I would like to point out that there are about ten Eamon adventures currently available. One of these disks is known as the Eamon designer disk. This disk allows the user to design his own adventure scenerio. The format of this disk, and the manner in which it allows you to design your game, is excellent.

For more information, write to:
Donald Brown
407 Peery Parkway
Golden, Co. 80401

So, until next time, when we ask the question, "Who is Zork?" ...keep adventuring!

Mike Flynn
c/o Hardcore