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Author's notes for Eamon adventure #194, Attack of the Kretons.


The BASIC file "LEADIN" from the original ProDOS game disk


March 1990


Nathan Segerlind


The use of this item is permitted on the grounds that it's free or in the public domain.

Author's Notes

Welcome to my Adventure!

This adventure is strictly for laughs and any attempt to take it seriously will only prove you a mendicant. If you have any quarrels with such, go get a life. If you really think some yahoo with a sword can "seriously" murder big reptiles and call it a living, I suggest you seek therapy.

This game isn't the usual heroic-quest-with-pointless-puzzles computer gamers like to crank out. This one is intended to be funnier than hell! So with light heartedness in hand, be sure to enjoy my game!

This adventure is loosely based on the Groo comic books by Sergio Aragones, an artist for Mad magazine. I can't tell you much other than that they're the funniest comic books on the market and they are a good influence on young children, with lots of slaying and pillaging.

Remember, the game is loosely based on them, so you can't buy them all in hope of some hints!

The most confusing part of the game is in the beginning, as you have no actual quest at this point. Well, you are in a nigh-helpless city under attack by barbarians. This should pose as a problem for any normal person. Just find out what you can do to help. That's the whole point of the game.

It's important to keep your companions alive, also. Some play crucial roles in the game; then again, some don't.

The one new command, TALK, is terribly important and you should use it as often as possible. Here is how it works:


Now wasn't that easy? No fuss with any silly prepositions to screw up Mr. Computer. Just a verb and an object.

An important feature was added to the FLEE command, as you can now specify the direction in which you shall flee. This is done by simply typing FLEE and the direction, like this: FLEE EAST. This will be very important at a point in the game where you are incredibly outnumbered.