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Coordinates: 37°59′01″N 122°32′44″W / 37.9835°N 122.5455°W / 37.9835; -122.5455

Editor Joe Kohn
Frequency ~Quarterly
Publisher Joe Kohn
Location San Rafael, California
First issue July 1993
Final issue Summer 1999

Shareware Solutions II was a newsletter that provided "timely information about new and classic public domain, freeware and shareware software" and helped subscribers obtain the software through the mail.

The newsletter was written and published by Joe Kohn (1947–2010) who was active for many years in the Apple II community, serving as Freeware and Shareware Librarian for Big Red Computer Club, sysop of the Apple II Forums on The Source Information Network, contributing editor to inCider/A+ and the Apple IIGS Buyer's Guide, and a prolific writer with more than 150 articles and columns about the Apple II published in magazines like Call-A.P.P.L.E., Softdisk G-S, and Scarlett.

Tom Zuchowski printed the press release announcing the publication's debut in the June 1993 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter,

Source articles

"Source:Best-of-Eamon" by Joe Kohn, Winter 1996, pages 17-18.

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