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Coordinates: 40°00′41″N 105°16′32″W / 40.0114°N 105.2755°W / 40.0114; -105.2755

The Media Archaeology Lab is a media preservation project supported by the University of Colorado Boulder dedicated to providing "a place for cross-disciplinary experimental research and teaching using still functioning media from the past." The MAL collects and shares access to historically important hardware and media including early personal computers, software, and digital literature and art. It was founded in 2009 by Dr. Lori Emerson and is located at 1320 Grandview Avenue in Boulder, Colorado.

The MAL holds at least 100 Eamon adventure and utility disks in its collection, notably including the original disk of Dr. Logan Blizzard's 2015 adventure Escape from Mt. Moon. Thomas Ferguson spotted the disk in the MAL's catalog and with the help of lab manager Dr. Libi Rose Striegl was able to obtain a DSK copy of the adventure in 2021.

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