Harrogate Hotel

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Harrogate Hotel
Eamon adventure
Created mid-1980s
Released c. 1986
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

Harrogate Hotel is a lost Eamon adventure created sometime before mid-1986 and held by the Apple Users' Group of Sydney, Australia. The adventure is listed as occupying side 1 of disk #45 in the group's software library, but the club's successor (the Apple Macintosh Users' Group, or AMUG) dissolved in February 2021 and the status of the disk is unknown.

A description of the adventure, printed in the August 1986 issue of the club's newsletter Applecations, says it's the "first of a new series" and can understand a large number of commands. Little is said about the plot: "Rumour has it that the hotel is haunted, and that cheating program listers will be cursed." The adventure is compatible with the standard Eamon Master.

The catalog identifies Harrogate Hotel as adventure #101; the National Eamon User's Club assigned that number to Ground Zero in August 1985.


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