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Coordinates: 37°22′21″N 122°02′11″W / 37.3726°N 122.0363°W / 37.3726; -122.0363

The Atari Corporation logo, 1984–1996

Atari, originally Atari, Inc, was a computer and video game development company founded in 1972 by Jack Tramiel. In 1984 the company split, with its home computing and game console divisions becoming Atari Corporation, which operated until its was absorbed into hard-drive maker JTS in 1996.

Developer Michael Detlefsen created a port of Eamon for the Atari ST, and author Michael Penner wrote two adventures for the platform. A version of Eamon was also ported to the earlier Atari 800.

Atari was headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

In adventures

The company features in Adventure in Interzone by Frank Black: an Atari building in Freeland contains the company boardroom, a software storeroom, and an "Atari programmer's dungeon".

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