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The AppleWin interface.

AppleWin is a free Apple II emulator program for Microsoft Windows, created by Mike O'Brien in 1994 and now maintained by Tom Charlesworth. AppleWin reads a variety of disk image formats, including the .DSK format used by the Eamon Adventurer's Guild to archive most Eamon adventures; other supported formats are .BIN, .DO, .NIB, and .PO. AppleWin supports both DOS 3.3 and ProDOS and emulates most features of the Apple II computer series, including 40- and 80-column text, two 5ΒΌ-inch floppy diskette drives, and both monochrome and color graphics in lo-, hi-, and double hi-res modes.

Most of the adventure screenshots used in this wiki were captured from AppleWin.

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