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Author's notes, comments, and hints for Eamon adventure #114, Thror's Ring.


The BASIC file "BUILDER'S NOTES" from the original game disk


October 1985


Tom Zuchowski


The use of this item is permitted on the grounds that it's free or in the public domain.

Thror's Ring Builder's Notes

There are two non-standard files: EAMON.ROOMS, and EAMON.ROOM NAMES, which have record lengths of 32.

To modify the Dungeon Edit pgm to work on this adventure, you must change the "open" commands in line 70 of the edit pgm from l64 to l32. You must also load the artifact type file named "PARAMETERS FILE".

The "open" cmds at lines 88 and 2060 of the dungeon list and flex dungeon list pgms must be changed to l32 also.

EAMON.DESC is 283 sectors.

This disk does not contain a dos image — it will not boot.

You cannot use FID to transfer the files to an empty disk that has been init'ed normally — you will get a "disk full" error.

You must use CopyA, or any "fast-copy" program that duplicates all 35 tracks, including tracks 0–2.

I ran out of everything, including artifacts, forcing me to develop a "doors" routine that did not utilize artfifacts.

The doors data:
  30950: room on one side of door
  30952: room on other side of door
  30954: dir. of door from room in 30950 (123456 = NSEWUD)
  30956: dir. of door from room in 30952
  30960: 0=open, 1=closed, 2=locked, 3=concealed
  30960: 1=door, 5=gate

DO%(X,0) thru DO%(x,5) contain the door data in the same order as above.

DR%(6,2) is the temporary array that contains the door data for the current room (R1). The first array term is the direction of the door.

The second term contains the following:
  DR%(X,0): -1 = no door; otherwise the same as DO%(X,4)
  DR%(X,1): room on other side of door
  DR%(X,2): loc. of door info in DO%(X,X) array.

I have a Videx Videoterm — the 80-col. routines are designed for it. I think I have the IIe card covered, but do not have access to one for test.

If your card uses different commands, and/or these commands cause problems, please let me know so I can modify the routines to acommodate any card.

The MAIN PGM got pretty banged up — however, everything works in pretty much the same fashion. The primary global variable change was to shorten the variable name to conserve memory — e.g.: R1=ROOM, F=FO, M%(X,X)=MN%(X,X), A$(X)=AN$(x), etc. This step alone saved about 1k of memory!

The routines were rewritten for greater speed and compactness.

Artifact type 13 is part of another artifact, e.g.: #35-"Medallion" is part of #34-"Mithril shirt". Note the location of #35 is 534.

I will endeavor to answer any correspondence concerning the internal workings of this adventure. I plan to make a fully commented version available to anyone who is willing to pay for the postage.

Drop me a line...

Tom Zuchowski
7625 Hawkhaven Dr.
Clemmons, NC 27012