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"Non-Player Characters Have Feelings, Too", an article by Rick Krebs published in Dragon magazine #29.



September 1979


Rick Krebs


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Non-Player Characters Have Feelings, Too

Non-player characters should be more than a string of numbers, especially in regards to how and why they react to player characters. What follows is a basic format for rounding out the NPCs in your villages or dungeons.

Roll a 6 sided die:

  1. Fears, afraid of
  2. Loves
  3. Dislikes
  5. Hates
  6. Roll 1 love and 1 hate

If desired, simply decide NPC's general nature. If strong, use love, hate, if mild nature, use like, dislike, and roll for each on table 2. Then roll a 6 sided die again. If a 1 is rolled, the character also has a phobia to be rolled on table 2. Once likes, dislikes, fears, etc. are rolled on chart 1, consult chart 2 for the specific nature. Reroll any contradictory characteristics.

Table 2: Use percentage dice (2d20)

01–02 Dwarves
03–04 Elves
05–06 Halflings
07–09 Clerics/religion
10–13 Magic Users/magic
14–16 Illusionists
17–18 Assassins
19–22 Thieves
23–25 Druids
26–28 Bards/the Arts
29–31 Monks
32–33 Paladins
34–35 Gems
36–37 Jewels
38–39 Gold
40–41 Work
42–43 Ruler
44–45 Alcohol
48–49 Men
50–51 Beautiful Women
52–53 Ugly Females
54–55 Children
56–57 Strangers
58–60 Fightingmen
61–62 Rangers
63–64 Barbarians
65–66 Amazons
67–68 Pets
69–70 Insects
71–72 Reptiles
73–74 Lawful Characters
75–76 Neutral Characters
77–78 Chaotic Characters
79–80 Sailors, soldiers
81–82 Silver
83–84 Plants/plant life
85–86 Gossip/rumors
87–88 Education/knowledge
89–90 Higher levels
91–92 Slavery
93–94 Mixed races (½ elves, ½ Orcs, etc.)
95–96 Water
97–98 Users of Magic Items
99 Pick any one
00 Everything/everybody

Examples of tables usage:

Option 1:
Salbeluut, owner of an Inn, receives a roll of 2 on table 1, we consult table 2, where on he rolls a 21. He loves thieves. Expanding on this we decide that his inn will become a drop for the thieves guild. Allowing a safe haven and a "fence" for footpads and their gains.

Option 2:
Aphfoy, another Inn owner, is given a mild nature (likes, dislikes). He rolls a 36 for likes (jewels), and a 40 for dislikes (work). His roll for fears is a 1 indicating he has some fears, phobia. A roll of 70 indicates he fears insects. So a party of adventurers arrives at Aphfoy's Inn, and they need an additional member of the party. Using tales of fabulous jewels found in a nearby dungeon, it is easy to get Aphfoy to close the inn (all work and no play...) and join the party. But if the party encounters any insects in the dungeon they better not count on Aphfoy sticking around.