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Eamon Functions Explanation, a document describing the suite of Eamon enhancement programs known as Eamon Functions. The document is in the text file EXPLANATION present on Miller's disk.


Eamon Functions


March 1985


Bruce Miller


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The programs on this disc will expand the Eamon adventure series, allowing you to save your best characters from destruction, to use your extra "gold" to buy special arms, and, if you wish, to figure out how to make your own Superman.

Explanation of programs:

Transfer Chars
Save your characters in the Characters text file (l150) and return them for more adventures. A screen printout will tell you their strengths. If not already present, you will have to create a Characters file.
Printout Chars
Print out on your printer (S-1) of all the characters you have in storage.
Buy Arms
Allows you to use the extra gold you can't figure out how to spend to buy some special weapons.
Arms School
Access through the "buy spells" part of the Main Hall. Increase your abilities or arms expertise.
Main Hall Update
Connects the Buy Arms program to the Eamon master disc.
Loading Program;
Fills random access files with weapons of your choice and prices them accordingly. Files of names axe, bow, mace, spear and sword (l50) must be created.
Startup File
Creates random access files to which you can write your characters and weapons.
Logo Create
Something I used in the making of these programs.
Reorganize Chars
Program to delete empty fields or undesirable characters in your Character file.
Store weapons
A chance, for a price, to put up to five weapons in storage for future use. Need Weapons file (l150).

Where is Superman? For those who want to find him, he is there to be made in the Transfer Chars program.

Caution: One problem which has no solution is overwriting one character on the file by another, with loss of that character. The length of the Character file is insufficient to store four weapons, if their length averages more than about 12 letters. This also interferes with the functioning of the Buy Arms program.

Have fun