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This article is about the fictional character. For the Eamon adventure author, see Sam.

Sam is the name of an experienced adventurer and member of the Guild of Free Adventurers. The character is provided with most current copies of the Eamon Master Diskette as a convenience for players who wish to adventure as a powerful and well-equipped character.

As provided in the Master Diskette from the Eamon Adventurers Guild Online, Sam's attributes are 24 hardiness, 18 agility, and 24 charisma. He knows all basic spells, wears chain armor with shield (for which he has 25% expertise), and is most skilled with a sword (67%); the swords he carries are Starfire (from Starfire), Crystal Sword (from Crystal Mountain), Druinval (from The Iron Prison), and a basic sword.

An Eamon utility called Fresh Sam creates fresh copies of Sam, allowing users to bypass the normal character creation process at the Main Hall.

In several versions of Eamon Deluxe, a character named Zombie Sam was included in the Dungeon Design menu of testbench characters as a parody of the Fresh Sam program, though as of version 5.0 he seems to have been dropped from the line-up.

In adventures

In Dan Cross and John Nelson's The House of Horrors, Sam appears as a character who can aid the adventurer. Sam (described as "Sam the Strong") has his regular 24 hardiness, 18 agility, and Starfire sword, and is said to be present in the adventure because of his crusade "to abolish the Eamon death-trap".