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The planet Eamon is home to as diverse a taxonomy of life as the source material from which its adventures are drawn. Creatures of Star Wars fame, beings from The Hobbit, and seemingly half the bestiary of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise make appearances alongside more familiar real-world species. This makes a precise summary of the nature of Eamon impossible; nevertheless, a number of adventure authors describe some of the noteworthy natural features unique to the planet Eamon.

Fantastic species


One adventure that gives much detail concerning the native fauna of the planet Eamon is Rick Volberding's Museum of Unnatural History. Part of the conceit of the adventure is that the creatures in the exhibits of the museum come to life to attack the adventurer, indirectly providing an account of Eamon's native wildlife. Beyond the more "mundane" inhabitants of Eamon—"mundane" including dinosaurs, frogs, or giant sloths—a more idiosyncratic menagerie is detailed.

Name Appearance(s) Description
Bounder Museum of Unnatural History The bounder is described merely as a "moderate-sized animal" which is able to reduce its weight by eating "ores".
Carrion crawler Castle of Doom A tentacled, centipede-like scavenger that feeds on carrion and other debris.
Cruscrunch Wrenhold's Secret Vigil A "mouth-watering" black fish that one can catch in a lake with a fishing pole.
Cute and Cuddly Museum of Unnatural History The "cute and cuddly" (abbreviated as "cc") is described as "exud[ing] an aura of real-niceness" despite sporting fangs, claws, and a spiked tail. Its range is on the continent occupied by the Main Hall.
Dragon This powerful reptilian creature features in many adventures and has a variety of forms, some winged, some capable of breathing fire, and some intelligent and capable of speech.
Eamonian Dust Mole The Underground City This rare creature the subject of a folk tale that says encountering an Eamonian dust mole is a foreboding omen, indicating that one is soon to die.
Floater Museum of Unnatural History The floater is described as resembling Medusa, with a bloated mass floating mid-air from which tentacles devoted to propelling the creature are suspended. Its diet consists of "ores".
Gurn Blood Feud Two enormous gurns are encountered in the adventure: a juvenile gurn—described as "only" twelve feet tall—and a larger mother. It is also relayed that the gurn eats plants and that its young are covered in thick, blue fur.
Hill Climber Alternate Beginners Cave A "weird animal with two short front legs and two longer hind legs." The hill climber is rare, and hence both living and dead specimens are worth a great deal.
Invisimal Museum of Unnatural History The invisimal is described as an invisible, underground animal. Its ferocious demeanor suggests that the invisimal is a predator.
Lama The Lair of Mr. Ed Nathan Segerlind—in typical, humorous fashion—describes a ferocious (and "evil") creature indigenous to Eamon called a "lama," physically identical to the llama native to South America. (The player is cautioned in the description: "No, not a 'llama', llamas live in South America, not Eamon.")
Mud-Lobber Wasp Alternate Beginners Cave The mud-lobber wasp is large in size—five feet in length—and is capable of attacking by casting a "gooey, black material".
Oreigan The Prince's Tavern A rare bird, now extinct. Blue and orange in color, they were once thought to be the pets of the gods and a feather from one of them was supposed to bring good luck.
Sinker Museum of Unnatural History The sinker, like a Portuguese man o' war, consists of a mass floating above the water of lagoons. Unlike the man o' war, the sinker has a tail that it uses to spear fish for food. Though primarily an aquatic creature, the creature is able to "waddle" upon land as well.
Slobovian Book-Eater Enhanced Beginner's Cave The Slobovian Book-Eater is a riff on the "Slobbovian Amp-Eater" from the the Lil' Abner comic strips. It is described as powerful enough to rip a door from its hinges and as having a literally omnivorous diet, though it prefers to eat books.
Snogglebeast The Underground City "A creature with the body of a bear and head of a tiger".
Swing-jaw Wrenhold's Secret Vigil A species of fish that one might catch in a lake with a fishing pole.
U-Goat Museum of Unnatural History Beyond the standard features of a goat, the U-goat is described as featuring "U"-shaped horns and a big belly. It is native to the "horseshoe continent" of Eamon, a land whose other inhabitants similarly sport "U"-shaped horns.
Venusian Metal Eater The Underground City The only information about the Venusian metal eater given in the adventure is that it possesses four rows of sharp teeth.


Name Appearance(s) Description
Bow-tie Plant Museum of Unnatural History A plant bearing brown and red stripes; its main mass resembles a bow-tie extending inches from the ground on a short stalk. The plant is apparently carnivorous, sporting "teeth and teeth and teeth".
Motoberriberri Bush Blood Feud Hedge-like bush with lethal poisonous thorns.
Munchkin Cactus The Citadel of Blood A plant described as being "of great rarity and value on Eamon".

Real-world species

In addition to many strange and wonderful species, Eamon is inhabited by a range of common forms of life that live on Earth. Terrestrial fauna include horses, dogs, rats; fauna includes oak, maple, etc.