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Geographic features of the world of Eamon have been described by various authors in a host of Eamon adventures. Due to the diversity of contributors to the Eamon library, descriptions are not always consistent, and a majority of features appear only in single adventures. This page lists geographic features of Eamon that have appeared in, or been described in, published sources.

Unless otherwise specified, distances and directions are from Evenhold.


The world of Eamon has several large continental landmasses. Journey Across the Muerte Sea identifies three by name: Grancasa (where the Main Hall stands), Republica, and Malcarel, which are separated by a body of water known as the Muerte Sea. The Museum of Unnatural History describes four: a horseshoe-shaped continent, an hourglass-shaped continent, a "supertropical" continent, and the continent of the Main Hall.

Elemental Apocalypse sees the adventurer shipwrecked on an uncharted northern continent which he dubs "Northland".


Feature Description Source(s)
Desert of Sands A vast, dune-filled desert; "a place as terrible as its name is stupid." Lost!
Desert of Terza Large desert waste southeast of Evenhold, inhabited by tribes of desert nomads called Rifs. Also identified as the Desert of Endless Sorrows. Eamon Gazetteer
Pyramid of Anharos


Feature Description Source(s)
Beginner's Forest Training area for new adventurers west of the Main Hall with a vine-covered arch at its entrance. A river flows south and east through the forest. The Beginner's Forest
Blackwoods Large and dangerous forest in the province of Baronia, nine days away. Expedition to the Darkwoods
Dead Forest Dense, dark forest east of the Shadow Mountains. The Treachery of Zorag
Enchanted Woods of Calphante Some in the Main Hall say there is no escape from the forest. Orb of My Life
Carnivorous Forest Dangerous area in "a remote part of Eamon"; a source of quality oak. The Caves of Treasure Island
Cynwood Forest just northeast of Evenhold through which runs the Great East Road. Cynwood is popular for hunting but is unsafe for solitary travelers and is the site of secret religious rites. Eamon Gazetteer
Darkwoods Large and dangerous forest in the province of Baronia, nine days away. Expedition to the Darkwoods
Forest-woods of Eldar Forest that lies just beyond the Dungeons of Xenon. The Dungeons of Xenon
Haunted Apple Grove Just west of the road to the Beginners Cave, near the site of the old Main Hall. The Waiting Room
Marewood Forest Wooded area that lies "a few miles outside of town". The town of Sloborough, which at one point disappears due to the machinations of the Mole Man, is in or near Marewood. Caverns and tunnels lie beneath the forest, possibly including those in The Devil's Dungeon.. Assault on the Mole Man
Revenge of the Mole Man
Tulgey Wood Near the Main Hall. The Manxome Foe


Feature Description Source(s)
Albadania A remote island Adventure in Interzone
Burning Rock Volcanic island in the Malphigian Sea; its inhabitants worship the demigod Moridai. Eamon Gazetteer
Castanamir's Island Home of the mage Castanamir; a wasteland island off the sea shore to the east; completely disappeared over two hundred years ago but recently returned. The Lost Isle
Cormorant Island In the Malphigian Sea not far from Evenhold. Eamon Gazetteer
Eamon Archipelagos The Eamon West Archipelago and East Archipelago, groups of islands mentioned in Museum of Unnatural History.
Eruvol Isle Tiny isle in the turbulent Sea of Dreams; the summer home and art repository of past kings. Lotto's Masterpiece
Esparea Cay Island in the Malphigian Sea not far from Evenhold. Eamon Gazetteer
Fire Island Located "several miles off the local coast" that's a source of citrus fruit. Fire Island
Floating Island Airborne landmass that floats above the northeast part of the Main Hall's continent at a height of about two miles. Museum of Unnatural History
Fred Island Small, sandy island in an unnamed lake, with an entrance down to caves below. The Lake
Island of Apple Ocean island in the approximate shape of an apple with a bite taken from it. (See a map.) It has a large harbor to the east and mountains to the northwest, as well as a temple in the southeast and a castle on the northern peninsula. A crude Main Hall is near the center of the island. The Lost Island of Apple
Leanda Atoll Island in the Malphigian Sea not far from Evenhold. Eamon Gazetteer
Mansi Island Ocean island roughly south from the town of Yomber; home to a gang of goblins. Escape from Mansi Island
Melosia Island in the Malphigian Sea not far from Evenhold. Eamon Gazetteer
Serpent Isle Island in the Malphigian Sea not far from Evenhold. Eamon Gazetteer
Treasure Island Overgrown with patches of jungle but has some clearings and paths, as well as three sandy beaches and at least one cove along its otherwise rocky coast. A small lake is in the western part of the island, and a volcano rises over the east, below which are tunnels and lava tubes. Sharks infest the surrounding ocean waters. The unnamed isle in Furioso, which also has a volcano and thick jungle, may be the same. (See a map.) The Caves of Treasure Island


Feature Description Source(s)
Dorier The name of a neighboring kingdom and its capital city. Eye of Agamon
Duneshire An area of the kingdom south of Evenhold where stands the village of Hogarth Town. Hogarth Castle
Elebron A duchy, possibly near Behlos City. Prince Elric hails from the Duchy of Elebron. The Treachery of Zorag
Elven Wonderland An amusement park beyond the Dark Forest. Merlin's Castle
Graceland A kingdom whose capital and cultural center is Kingscourt, situated in the northern portion of the land. Its financial center is Tradetown in central Graceland; its agricultural center is Agroville to the west; its military and industrial center is Ironcastle to the east; and its religious center is Shrine City to the south. Redemption
Grunewalde Pronounced grune'-vall-deh. A small duchy in the Jarlschlager mountain range and the hereditary domain of the de Lupus family; Grunewalde is also the name of its only town. Grunewalde
Eamon Gazetteer
The Kingdom The land where the Main Hall and surrounding areas are situated, often simply referred to as "the kingdom" or "our kingdom". Various
Knieriem "A distant land" of towering cities. Its advanced technology has a retro-futuristic, steampunk aesthetic, including metal vehicles and flying machines powered by intricate clockwork. Its capital is Knieriem City whose harbor was once blockaded by the Clone Master; other localities may include Northampton and Nickelton. Knieriem's border is several days' travel from the capital across mountains. Assault on the Clone Master
Land of the Mountain King Small kingdom "up north." Ruled from a castle, south of which is a coastal plain. Land of the Mountain King
Lucidia A barony. The School of Death
Magic Kingdom A kingdom mostly occupying a high plateau; it encompasses forests, snow-capped mountains, and a river that drops to the surrounding plain in a breathtaking 1,000-foot-tall waterfall. The Magic Kingdom
Nagog Area ruled in centuries past by a line of counts; site of the Black Castle. The Black Castle of NaGog
Negavia Namesake of the Golden Cup of Negavia. The School of Death
New Kingdom A "faraway land" near the Great Mountains. Its capital is the city of Kingscourt. Other localities include Ironcastle, Shrine City, Tradetown, and Agroville Province. The Curse of Talon
Nexdor A neighboring kingdom to the south, ruled by King Kahn. Its deposed king, Mondamen, had a stronghold built in caves on a plateau. The Caves of Mondamen
North Kingdom Federation of small countries on the continent of Northland, united under the King of Sayhar. Its main constituents are Sayhar, Tredland, and Southaven, and a few smaller areas including the North, South, and East territories. Elemental Apocalypse
Perrenor Possibly near Behlos City. Sorsha the sword-maiden hailed from the Realm of Perrenor. The Treachery of Zorag
Rhyl Country containing mountains and the city of Asareht, once plagued by a dragon. The Creature of Rhyl
The Shire The unnamed local shire (county) where the Main Hall is situated. It is governed by a lord whose castle is some distance from the Main Hall. Lifequest
Southlands Possibly south of Behlos City. Sandeer the wizard hails from the Southlands. The Treachery of Zorag
Tasavalta A free republic founded over 20,000 years ago when the hero Nuorgam helped defeat the Great Evil. It was utterly obliterated when the Great Evil returned two centuries later.
Valley of Cold Iron A barony, earlier ruled by the good Baron Randal and later the evil Baron Kellum, containing mines capable of yielding a rare anti-magic ore. The Pixy Oak

Mountains and hills

Feature Description Source(s)
Black Mountain(s) The Black Mountain has caves and tunnels used as a hideout by the criminal Black Bark and his gang; the cave entrance is on the mountain's southwest side. A tunnel on the south side also leads into the mountain, and a road leads back south to the Main Hall. Black Mountain
Mount Collapso Volcanic mountain with a sulfurous lake in its crater; home to a dragon and its treasure hoard. Redemption
Crystal Mountain Seat of power of the Crystal Kingdom, riddled with tunnels and caverns. Hidden valleys high in the mountain contain gardens, groves, and waterfalls. The road back to the Main Hall runs north from the mountain. Crystal Mountain
Cunnamulla Foothills Location of Vanavara Outpost, an abandoned fort. The Caverns of Vanavara
Eamon Bluff Seaside cliffs south of Evenhold; site of the Beginners Cave. House on Eamon Ridge
Eamon Range Snow-capped mountains visible from the inn in Evenhold. Search for Mack
Mount Eilaak A peak near the small kingdom inhabited by Wrenhold the Pure. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil
Great Mountains A mountain range that has on one side the New Kingdom, and on the other the site of the Old Kingdom of the Cyrak princes. The Curse of Talon
Helstar Mountain Surrounded by foothills; its summit is the famous Helstar Peak. Likely somewhere east of Evenhold. Assault on Helstar
Hollow Mountain A series of caves and tunnels beneath the hills of Mansui. Caves of Hollow Mountain
"The hills" Site of a concealed cave, not far from the Main Hall. The Gauntlet
Jarlschlager Mountains A mountain range east of Evenhold, site of the Duchy of Grunewalde. Eamon Gazetteer
Hills of Mansui Location of the entrance to the caves of Hollow Mountain. Caves of Hollow Mountain
Mountain Fortress A lone, foggy mountain with a fortress near its peak. A small road leads to the mountain: it runs east from the Main Hall, through pine forests, and to the mountain's western slopes. The Mountain Fortress
Sister Mountains Home to a kingdom of several villages and a mountain occupied by a dragon known as "the Master". The Mountain of the Master
Spartu Mountains A once wild area, now a beautiful and peaceful region. The Master's Dungeon
Mount Sunis Location of caves inhabited by the sage Marron, possibly north of the Main Hall. The Quest for Marron
Shadow Mountains A massive mountain range north of Behlos City; Old Mountain Road crosses it through the Pass of Karathas. Fellspawn Caverns lie beneath it; the Dead Forest is to the east. The Treachery of Zorag
Voormithadreth Mountains Mountains to the north containing the tomb of the creature Y'Golonac and home to the creature's cult. The Tomb of Y'Golonac
Wyveryn Mountains A mountain range whose northern foothills are covered in dry grasslands. Test Adventure
(Unnamed plateau) Distant from the Main Hall. The Deep Canyon


Feature Description Source(s)
King's Road Well-maintained thoroughfare paved with cobblestones. It runs east for many miles across the countryside, intersecting Northmarch Road and Southport Road, then passes through Behlos City and terminates near the Gull's Eye Cliffs. The Treachery of Zorag
Northmarch Road North-south cobblestone road, lightly traveled and in poor repair. Its begins at the King's Road west of Behlos City and runs many miles north to its intersection with Old Mountain Road. The Treachery of Zorag
Old Mountain Road A little-used unpaved road a few miles from Behlos City. From the Dead Forest in runs generally southwest, across the Shadow Mountains through the Pass of Karathas, then southwest to its intersection with Northmarch Road, and finally west across the Westsong River toward the Foulwater Marshes when it terminates. The Treachery of Zorag
Southport Road Heavily-traveled north-south road paved with wide stones that connects the city of Southport to the King's Road west of Behlos City. The Treachery of Zorag
Westwind Road Country road that meanders through the grassy plains south of Behlos City. Beginning at the city's south gate, it leads south and then west to connect to Southport Road. The Treachery of Zorag


Feature Description Source(s)
Agroville Community in the New Kingdom. The Curse of Talon
Aknor Settlement or area home to good Sir Charles. The Senator's Chambers
Temple of Ngurct
Asereht City near the mountains in the country of Rhyl. The Creature of Rhyl
Baronia Town one mile north of the Blackwoods; also the name of its province. Expedition to the Darkwoods
Behlos City City many miles east of Evenhold, reached by travelling along the long, cobblestone-paved King's Road. The city has gates on the east, west, and south sides; the king's Great Hall is on the north. The city has a number of businesses including Burly Irishman Outfitters, Kingsworth Clothing, Black Horse Tavern, Trollsfire Pub, and an open market. Thoroughfares in Behlos include the King's Road, Main Street, Elm Street, Dead Man's Pike, Cedar Lane, Battleforge Lane, and Wyvern Boulevard. Stronghold of Kahr-Dur
Belbury City at least a few hours from Evenhold; near a large fast-moving river; once attacked by the Army of Thorak. Firestorm
Dodge Town in the countryside southeast of Evenhold. The Eamon Railroad
A Runcible Cargo
Dorier Capital of the Kingdom of Dorier; on the west side of the city are docks and a harbor; open sea lies west and north. Eye of Agamon
Duron City-state generally west of Dorier across the ocean; sheltered by surrounding mountains. Eye of Agamon
Dunderhaven Settlement near Evenhold, probably to the north. In or near Dunderhaven is a castle, beneath which is an entrance to the a lair inhabited by a Minotaur. A river flows near Dunderhaven and runs generally south; this river is likely the Zyphur. The Lair of the Minotaur
Evenhold The town that is the site of the Main Hall. Also called Eamon Town (or Eamon Towne). Various
Frukendorf Town west of Evenhold, known as the home of bandits. The Abductor's Quarters
A Runcible Cargo
Griswald Ancient city to the east, protected by a magical statue of the god Barantu. The City of Sorcerers
Grunewalde Only town in the duchy of the same name, east of Evenhold in the Jarlschlager Mountains, on a branch of the Great East Road. Grunewalde
Eamon Gazetteer
Helstar City that magically appears (Brigadoon-style) at rare times and on various worlds including Earth and Eamon. Assault on Helstar
Hobnail Junction Walled town, site of the Artisans Guild and home to Lord Bottomsmith who lives in the castle. The town has a hotel, tavern, church, and various businesses including a weapons shop operated by the "Cavielli Brothers"; its named streets include Armory, Bronze, Iron, Jeweler, Market, and Main.. The Fugitive
Hogarth Town Town in Duneshire, south of Evenhold. Hogarth Castle
Kingscourt Capital of the New Kingdom. The Curse of Talon
Knieriem City Towering city with a harbor and the capital of the land of Knieriem. Steam ships travel between Knieriem City and Evenhold or its vicinity. Assault on the Clone Master
Lumen City protected by a god of the same name. Walled City of Darkness
Mudville Town east of the Main Hall. The Eamon Railroad
A Runcible Cargo
Oigres "Hick town" where cheese dip is popular. Attack of the Kretons
Ragodon Town near the city of Duron and east of Port Bax; headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Dark Lord; bordered on the west by the River Borg; named thoroughfares include Axe Lane, Riverton Walk, Northgate Road, Beggar Road, Knight Street, and River Bridge Road. Eye of Agamon
Sayhar Capital of the North Kingdom and a port situated at the mouth of the River Martazar.
Shrine City Community in the New Kingdom. The Curse of Talon
Slobourough (Or Slobourogh) Village in or near Marewood Forest. The Mole Man caused it to sink below the ground, but it was returned to the surface. Revenge of the Mole Man
Southport Coastal city southwest of Behlos, surrounded by a large stone wall. Southport Road enters from the north through an iron gate flanked by towers. Stronghold of Kahr-Dur
Tornio Capital city of a distant kingdom. The Sword of Inari
Tradetown Community in the New Kingdom. The Curse of Talon
Underground city Technologically advanced but abandoned city that lies beneath a plain a number of miles from the Main Hall. The Underground City
Vaalpa Town in the north with a dictatorial ruler. Vaalpa's Plight
Yomber Town where the queen has a castle; near the Main Hall and near the sea. Escape from Mansi Island


Feature Description Source(s)
The Abductor's Quarters "Nearby dungeon", entered through two large double doors in the west side of a hill. The Abductor's Quarters
Alternate Beginners Cave East of the Main Hall; its entrance is a dark hole beneath jagged cliffs. Alternate Beginners Cave
Beginners Cave Not far to the south of the Main Hall, situated near a cove. The Beginners Cave
Caverns of Doom The Caverns of Doom
Cave of the Hellsblade Located to the west. Hellsblade
Caverns of Lanst Site of Lanstian society in centuries past, located many days' travel from the Main Hall. Caverns of Lanst
Caves of Mondamen Fortified caverns used by the deposed king Mondamen, situated in a hill on a plateau in the neighboring kingdom of Nexdor. The Caves of Mondamen
Caves of Trezore Set of caves and tunnels along and east-flowing stretch of river, which terminates in a lagoon. The road back to the Main Hall is to the north. The Quest for Trezore
Dark Caverns "Infamous" set of caverns inhabited by at least one large dragon. The adventurer teleports out of the Dark Caverns by use of the Power spell. The Lost Island of Apple
Death Trap Cave in the mountains, in an area of very deep canyons and steep cliffs. Death Trap
The Devil's Dungeon Dungeons not far from the Main Hall, possibly in Marewood Forest. Its entrance is a small door in a secluded part of the woods. The Devil's Dungeon
Fellspawn Caverns Cave complex in the Shadow Mountains north of Behlos City. An entrance to the caves may be reached by climbing the Stair of Karathas to the top of a mountain peak. The Treachery of Zorag
"The Gauntlet Cave" System of caves with an entrance hidden among the hills, somewhere north/east of the Main Hall. At its entrance is a large bronze door. The Gauntlet
Ice caves of Polaris Cold caverns in the distant north. The Orb of Polaris
Lair of the Mutants Subterranean complex several days from the Main Hall through "confusing terrain". Its has a camouflaged entrance built into the side of a grassy hill. The Lair of Mutants
Pirate's Cave Situated on a small island, possibly east. The Pirate's Cave
Tomb of Molinar Resting place of Molinar, last of the great wizard kings. Location unknown; the adventurer sought it for weeks. The Tomb of Molinar
Tomb of Y'Golonac Home to a branch of the Cthulu Cult, situated in the Voormithadreth mountains possibly north of the Main Hall. The Tomb of Y'Golonac
Underground City Subterranean realm with its entrance in "the plains" north of the Main Hall. The Underground City
Underland Cave ten miles north of the Main Hall. Lord of the Underland
Western Mines Mines several days west of Evenhold, operated by slavers. Redemption
Dungeons of Xenon Dungeon near the Forest-wood of Eldar. Dungeons of Xenon


Feature Description Source(s)
Arcosian swamp A vast stinking swamp land. Well of the Great Ones
Fire Swamp Every now and then will be a "POP!" and a spurt of flame. Realm of Fantasy
Foulwater Marshes A "dangerous, foggy, evil marsh" crossed by narrow winding paths; located just south of Grimhold's Tower and northwest of Behlos City. The Treachery of Zorag

Water features

Feature Description Source(s)
Dreamless Sea East of Behlos City below the Gull's Eye Cliffs. The Treachery of Zorag
Malphigian Sea West and south of Evenhold. Buccaneer!
Eamon Gazetteer
Muerte Sea Separates the three continents of Grancasa, Republica, and Malcarel. Journey Across the Muerte Sea
Great Lake Eamon Where the adventurer sails a dingy. Operation Crab Key
River Martazar Flows through the North Kingdom, whose capital of Port Sayhar is built at the river's mouth. Elemental Apocalypse
Stormy Sea / Sea of Dreams Location of the small island of Eruvol. Lotto's Masterpiece
Westsong River Flows southwest from the Shadow Mountains, at one point passing under a large stone bridge on Old Mountain Road. The Treachery of Zorag
Zyphur River Not far to the east of the Main Hall; flows generally south/southeast. The unnamed river in The Lair of the Minotaur may also be the Zyphur. The Zyphur Riverventure

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